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Connecting People And Healing The World One Person At A Time, Through Integrative & Natural Remedies

About Us

As a global community, we aim to Inspire and Empower each other to discover natural solutions to our modern day health challenges. Venus Club Health is all about Natural Wellness and Integrative Medicine. As a global community we encourage you to join in the groups, topics, and discussions that relate to the health issues, or challenges that you might be facing. 

Whether you live in Europe, America, Africa, Australia, or Asia, we and our immediate communities still face similar health challenges such as Aids, Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, Sepsis, Irritable Bowl Syndrome, and brain degenerative diseases such as Alzheimers, Parkinson's Disease and Multiple Sclerosis, along with other emotional silent killers such as Stress, Anxiety and Depression. 

The purpose of Venus Club Health is to assist you in overcoming some of those health challenges by providing you with a platform where you can connect and interact with the people and services that are better equipped to help you with the health challenges that you may be experiencing. Most of all, by sharing this platform with your loved ones, you will also be helping them to take the first step towards overcoming their own health issues. So go ahead, enjoy browsing through the website and connect with the people, topics, and groups,  that resonate with you the most.

Why You Should Join Us


Joining Venus Club Health will probably be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Because, unlike Facebook and other social media platforms, your profile wall will not be bombarded by unwanted advertisements, or spy bots and overall you will be able to:

  • Find your Tribe and feel inspired, confident and empowered without judgement
  • Make meaningful lasting connections with like minded people
  • Learn useful tips on how to naturally nurture and look after your body
  • Expand your knowledge with Online Courses, Health Documentaries, and Recommended Books
  • Empower yourself with education, wisdom, knowledge and inspiration from other community members
  • Connect with the professionals that are able to help you through your healing journey
  • Inspire others by sharing your own personal journey to wellness 
  • Join the Live Group Video discussions on some of your favourite topics
  • Share the most relevant and up to date posts with other community members, friends, family and loved ones

*** Plus the extra added bonus of being able to see the most relevant and up to date posts from your connections and groups, without having them blocked with the weird, and ever changing algorithms that are used by Facebook ***

Get Quick Access To The Health Information And Resources...

So we all know that most of us possess a mobile smart phone. Even many of the villagers deep in the African villages have one. Despite this, people are still experiencing the challenges of being able to get quick access to health and information services that could potentially save their lives. 

By joining our community, and sharing your stories, experiences, expertise, and services, you could unknowingly be that one person who actually provides the key information that ends up saving your own life, or you could even end up saving someone else's life. So let's all work towards the same goal, and in the words of Ghandi, "Be the change you want to see in this world".

Whilst, there are still some really good doctors and physicians out there that continue to operate in the best interest of human beings, we should still do our part to make sure that we are not putting a strain on our countries medical resources. 

Therefore, we should endeavour to empower ourselves with the knowledge and wisdom that was bestowed upon us by our ancestors. Please understand that your business is your health, and your health should be your business. Do not just rely on your doctors. Do your own research. Empower yourself, and inspire others to do the same.

Thank you in advance for being part of our global change making conscious community of health enthusiasts, healers, and professional service providers.

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